A Conversation Between Mr. and Mrs. Merna #1

by The Merna

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Mrs. Merna: “Mr. Merna, we’ve been married for some time now, and I feel the time has come for me to finally tell you…

Mr. Merna: 

Mrs. Merna: “…I said ‘it’s time for me to tell you something…’ Something very important I feel you have a right to know…”

Mr. Merna (still focused on buttering his toast): “Mhmm, what’s that?”

Mrs. Merna: “Honey, I’m serious.”

Mr. Merna (Now, slightly concerned, and giving me his full attention): “What’s up hon? I’m listening.”

Mrs. Merna: “Growing up I….

….I attended….


…I’m a witch.

Mr. Merna:  (Turns back to his toast).